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July 7th, 5:29 pm
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I’m sure you’ve seen the recent Cheerios ad on TV. It starts in a kitchen with an attractive (white) mother checking off tasks at the table. The dad is in another room taking a quick after-work nap. And there is the daughter, a chubby-cheeked, curly-haired, adorable 6-year-old girl. (She is mulatto.*) The daughter asks mom if Cheerios are good for you. Mom explains that they are heart healthy. Daughter goes to room where dad, (he’s black) is sleeping and pours Cheerios over his heart. I saw it and thought it was awesome. The little girl is just a doll and the parents appear very pleasant.
Then the uproar! All the dumb asses of this world complain about the ad. Why? Because the mother is white, the father is black, and the girl appears to be their biological, mixed-race child. OMG!. How terrible, how sinful, it must be sac religious! Really?? It got so much attention that YouTube was forced to disable its comments section.
Let me start off by saying I’ve had a Puerto Rican wife, a Korean wife, and I’ve dated every color in the rainbow. So, prejudiced, I’m not.
Recently, one of the feature stories on AOL showed two men, both with beards, plaid shirts, looking like lumberjacks. It caught my eye as I’ve always loved the forests and outdoors. Well, guess what that story was about? Those two macho men were getting married. In another picture in that story two guys were kissing. And can you turn on your TV without seeing stories about gays? Guys hugging and kissing? Personally, it’s disgusting and I can’t watch it. But I’ll save that for my next editorial.
This Cheerios commercial is awesome. It’s cute, catchy and definitely hits home. You know what it is saying and you fall in love with the little girl. You may or may not notice that the couple is interracial, but does it matter? How can anyone complain about interracial couples with what goes on around us today? Do the people writing letters and bitching have a life at all, or are they all total rejects that have no life whatsoever. People against interracial marriages are all a pathetic pack of intellectual rejects. They should all live in a quarantined area where they can figure out why you hate each other. People are people and there is no reason skin color or ethnicity should make the slightest bit of difference. God made men and women exactly the same, no matter what their skin color is. Live with it.
As for Cheerios parent, General Mills, I was thrilled to see that ad on TV again and I hope you continue using it. I wasn’t a cheerios eater before, but I am now.
* I don’t know if “mulatto” is the right word, but I don’t know any other and it fits the bill. Certainly not meant to be derogatory or offensive.

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