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July 7th, 5:50 pm

I’m sure you’ve seen the recent Cheerios ad on TV. It starts in a kitchen with an attractive (white) mother checking off tasks at the table. The dad is in another room taking a quick after-work nap. And there is the daughter, a chubby-cheeked, curly-haired, adorable 6-year-old girl. (She is mulatto.*) The daughter asks mom if Cheerios are good for you. Mom explains that they are heart healthy. Daughter goes to room where dad, (he’s black) is sleeping and pours Cheerios over his heart.  I saw it and thought it was awesome.  The little girl is just a doll and the parents appear very pleasant.

Then the uproar!  All the dumb asses of this world complain about the ad. Why? Because the mother is white, the father is black, and the girl appears to be their biological, mixed-race child.  OMG!. How terrible, how sinful, it must be sac religious!  Really??  It got so much attention that YouTube was forced to disable its comments section.

Let me start off by saying I’ve had a Puerto Rican wife, a Korean wife, and I’ve dated every color in the rainbow.  So, prejudiced, I’m not.

Recently, one of the feature stories on AOL showed two men, both with beards, plaid shirts, looking like lumberjacks.  It caught my eye as I’ve always loved the forests and outdoors. Well, guess what that story was about? Those two macho men were getting married.  In another picture in that story two guys were kissing. And can you turn on your TV without seeing stories about gays?  Guys hugging and kissing?  Personally, it’s disgusting and I can’t watch it.  But I’ll save that for my next editorial.

This Cheerios commercial is awesome. It’s cute, catchy and definitely hits home. You know what it is saying and you fall in love with the little girl.  You may or may not notice that the couple is interracial, but does it matter?  How can anyone complain about interracial couples with what goes on around us today?  Do the people writing letters and bitching have a life at all, or are they all total rejects that have no life whatsoever.  People against interracial marriages are all a pathetic pack of intellectual rejects. They should all live in a quarantined area where they can figure out why you hate each other.  People are people and there is no reason skin color or ethnicity should make the slightest bit of difference. God made men and women exactly the same, no matter what their skin color is. Live with it.

As for Cheerios parent, General Mills, I was thrilled to see that ad on TV again and I hope you continue using it. I wasn’t a cheerios eater before, but I am now.

* I don’t know if “mulatto” is the right word, but I don’t know any other and it fits the bill. Certainly not meant to be derogatory or offensive.


19 Responses to "FEATURED POST"

  • JimmyB

    If honesty is the best policy, you deserve an award. I saw that ad and it was really good. There is no reason in this day and age for anyone to complain about mixed marriages. I’m eager to see your one on gay marriage. If its anything like this, it will cause a fire storm.

  • mike

    Mr. Baer, you’re as sick as the ad you’re talking about. You’re probably gay too!

  • Mike

    I’m not gay and I’m pretty normal, however, I have doubts about you.


  • cuqui colon

    Hi Howard…..Thank you for your invitation t o read your article. I enjoyed it and agree with most of your comments… your ex sister in law from Puerto Rico….

  • another (different) Mike

    Ads are supposed to be promoting a product or service. When they go beyond that role and into the cultural diversity and commonly held society values, they lose their impact. I do not think I’m prejudiced but I believe GM reached too far in the ad and may have lost more potential customers than it gained because unfortunately more people seem to be vs. bi-racial than for it. Maybe not.

  • Sg

    How about high yellow

  • HR Baer to MIke 2

    I think the whole thing is totally blown out of proportion. When you promote a product you try to get the attention of the audience, which that little girl certainly did. It was a cute add and made a point for the product. But, unfortunately, all the biased, prejudiced people in our society needed to make a big deal out of the fact that is was a mixed marriage. How sad that is.

    HRBaer, Editor

  • D in Denver

    I have beautiful daughter-in-laws. One is from South America and the other from Asia. We swap culture, recipies and I am in awe of the beautiful chilren they have. I can’t wait until the whole darn population of the planet is a shade or two darker. Maybe we could then move on to something really worth moaning about – like wars we can’t win and a planet that is being poisoned by greed and excess.

  • elean

    Those who complain about the inter racial couple in that ad are not facing reality. This is the way of the world.

  • freda

    Mike one of my sons wife is white, and my other son girlfriend is too, and I hope she will be his wife soon, because l want have it any other way. So I thank you for your section that wrote

  • Dave

    No more cheerios for my family!!

  • HR Baer to Dave

    And you probably think Zimmerman was guilty?


  • Itsmecandi

    It’s wasted energy and time. This is news worthy? This is what my country is concerned about? It’s a slice of reality. Like it or not. It’s happening. Who should say where love grows?

  • Bighew

    To bad we have to suffer fools.

  • duckyhill

    I thank Almighty God white supremacy failed & is still failing. God have mercy on this world. Selah.

  • motherof2

    As I have friends of different ethnicity I don’t encourage my children to date outside of there race my children know that we date within our race so for companies to ENDORSE it is over stepping there boundaries and my family will not buy an GM products till the ad is removed…. I don’t care what comments you have this is how our fAmity has done it for 7 generations I’m aware of and will continue

  • Linda

    Love the commercial. For those who dislike the commercial remember that cheerios are good for the heart and God himself has the power to stop yours. By the way I am a Black woman and will not date a white man, it is a complete turnoff.

  • Howard R. Baer

    Everyone has the right to their opinion and I respect that. We all need to respect that. But I see no harm in the commercial you have to admit its pretty cure.


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