Friday, July 30, 2021

Hillary Clinton & Huma Weiner (Lesbians?) Huma Weiner is pregnant? Who’s the daddy? Is papa Bill up to his old tricks?

December 15th, 7:14 pm
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By Howard R. Baer, Editor & Founder,
Well, lots of news, lots of rumors, and lots of conjecture. Here’s the wrap up, according to a variety of Google stories. Huma, a reputed lesbian, started working for Hillary, another reputed lesbian, when she was 20. At the time she was making $9999 a year for a salary, but shortly thereafter was living in a $650,000 condo. (Sounds more like a high priced hooker.)  Last year, Huma married NY Mayor wanna be,  Rep. Anthony Weiner. The bride wore a dress designed by “her good friend” Oscar DeLarenta.  Nice, an “aide” is best friends with one of the premier designers in the world?  Think Hillary had anything to do with that?  And rumor has it that it was a convenience marriage to cover up the affair between Hillary and Huma.  Rumor also has it that Rep Weiner, Jewish,  married Huma, a strictMuslim, (go figure),  so Hillary would back him for Mayor of NYC.  And guess who presided over the wedding?  Yup, cigar loving, get under my desk and pucker the lips, former President Bill Clinton himself.  (My hero.)  Now that’s a convenience wedding for sure.  By the way Bill, in case you’re reading this, who’s the baby’s real pappy?  You up to your old tricks again?  Is Huma really a switch hitter?

Well, some interesting stuff here, but how much is true?  Do you know anything about this story? We want all the real facts, not the rumors and conjecture.  We’ve teamed up with the premier Anonymous Reporting site on the net,  Go to that site, and if you question how they will protect your anonymity, click on “about” and you’ll read how they’ve protected others.  And, by the way, if you have information on other politicians up on the Hill, or anyone at all that is doing something the public should know about, send it in and we’ll report it.

Have a great weekend, and keep tuned here for updated information.

HR Baer, Editor

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