Friday, July 30, 2021

PATERNO gets off easy! HERMAN CAIN, just a normal male! GEN. FULLER, a true American. CALIFORNIA GAY Teaching law, sickening!

January 20th, 7:12 pm
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I’ll start this off with Coach Joe Paterno and all the losers that are out complaining that he shouldn’t have been fired.

This is a sleazebag that knew young boys were being raped by his asst. coaches and used like prostitutes, yet he did nothing to stop it. He’s as guilty as anyone else in this case and firing him is justice.  He should be chastised…Every one of those a%#@holes that knew what was going on should have their “dicks” cut off and shoved up their butts.  How can any sane person want him to stay in that job?  Have any of these protesters given any consideration to the fact it could have been their brothers or sons?  These kids are ruined for life, or even worse, could turn out gay.   WTF is this country coming too?

GAY AND LESBIAN HISTORY TAUGHT IN SCHOOL – And while we’re on the subject, I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts on the law in California requiring public schools to teach gay and lesbian history.  Now, I’m not a real religious person, but I do believe in God, and I’m pretty damn sure when he created Adam and Eve he figured they were going to be the model for our evolution. Man and Woman, not man and man.  I don’t think anything disgusts me more than to be out and see two men holding hands or kissing.  But let’s face it, those are not men, and they’re not normal.  Real men love women, any woman at all.  Fat, skinny, pretty, ugly, black, white, yellow, blonde, brunette, but a woman.  Nice boobs, nice butt, nice legs, and the wonderful camel toe.  What real man doesn’t just love that?

Ok, so to be very honest, I have some gay friends and what they do is their business, but they don’t do the kissing, hugging and hand holding thing in public.  To teach it in schools and act like its normal is sick and insane.  It’s not normal and nobody can convince me that it is. If I lived in California, I would not pay taxes for schools and I’d have my kids learn on line or with a tutor.

PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE HERMAN CAIN – So, Cain hit on a few women over the years and now he’s a criminal?  This is all our deprived press has to write about?  Give me a break.  Clinton got a BJ from an intern while at his desk in the oval office and became a hero to every red blooded male in the free world.  JFK and RFK were known to have affairs with many starlets, the most famous being Marilyn Monroe.  And Cain is on the hot seat just for making a comment to a woman 12 years ago? As I stated earlier, real men are real men, and find me one, married or single, that hasn’t made an offhand comment to some good looking women.   It’s in our blood and it’s we’re never going to change.  Live with it.

MAJOR GENERAL PETER FULLER RELIEVED OF DUTY – This is a public servant basically saying that if we’re going to sacrifice our young soldiers and hand out billions of dollars in aid, the recipient, Afghan in this case, should be grateful and back us, not insult us. They’d back Pakistan in a war against the U.S.?  Why not just blow both those countries off the map, take the billions we give them, and help out the homeless in our own country? General Fuller should have received a promotion, not demotion.  But, how typical is this of our current government?  VERY!!

Howard R.Baer, Editor

PS. Got some good dirt a big politician but you’re too close to them and afraid to speak up? Sent it to me directly and I personally guarantee your anonymity or send it anonymously buy using

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