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August 26th, 11:16 pm
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Welcome to the all new web site. We have all the up to date news and political comments from around the world. And coming soon we’ll have up to the minute stock market news and quotes. You’ll also find regular updates from me giving my opinion of current events. If you look back in my previous articles, you’ll see my writing is not for the faint at heart and that I’m somewhat opinionated. My overuse of 4 letter words will be curtailed, but don’t expect me to become sweet and charming either. I say things exactly as I feel. If you don’t like it, go to another site. So to let you all know my feelings on current subjects, here we go:


Illegal Immigration:


What does our President not understand?  Illegal, “something that is against the law.”  Illegal alien, “a foreigner who has entered or resides in a country unlawfully or without the country’s authorization.”  If you or I knowingly break the law, we go to jail, but someone known by the Obama administration to be breaking the law just gets a pat on the ass and is told to go about their business?  Why, so Obama can get more votes?  The guy should be impeached.


My opinion: Children that came into the US at a very young age, have been here for 5, 10, 15 years and have never lived in Mexico, should get a break.  If they’ve going through our school systems or our military and have not been in trouble, they should be given the opportunity to become citizens.   However, we need to stop the illegals from coming in so we’re not in the same position years from now.




I certainly don’t understand all of the Obamacare program, so I won’t go off on it. What I do understand is that a company that is required to have health insurance for its employees basically has to pay for their birth control as well.  So Jennifer wants to get laid every night and we have to pay for her not to get pregnant?  If the company has to pay for it, she should be servicing everyone. This one is Obama at his best. More bs.


Same sex marriage and Chick-fil-A:


Ok, so where do I start?  Coming from a guy that’s on his 4th marriage, (all to women, for sure), this is easy.  WTF are these people thinking?  Why would any guy want another, hairy, smelly, chicken wing eating, farting guy with balls and a dick? Come on, that’s insane.  You can have a beautiful, big boobed, soft skinned, sweet smelling, young woman caressing you and you want a smelly guy grabbing your hips?  Adam and Eve. Remember them. God created them, man and woman.  He didn’t start by creating Jim and John, or Sally and Sarah. There is nothing normal about that.


Let’s talk about Dan Cathy, President of Chick-fil-A. All the guy did was to say he believes in what we were all taught at an early age, man marries women, and half the world comes down on him, including our wonderful President Obama. Cathy is religious, and closes all his restaurants to give his workers Sundays off.  Why?  Because he says he supports the “biblical definition the family unit”?  And those “flaming” jerks want to condemn him? The Mayors of Chicago and Boston threatened to ban Chick-fil-A restaurants from their cities because of Cathy’s comment. They represent the citizens of their cities and make statements that only concern the gay minority?  So now these dumb ass Mayors, like our president, are trying to destroy a business, which would eliminate thousands of jobs. Fortunately, the “true” Americans banded together against these outcasts, went to Chick and it resulted in the biggest grossing day in the company’s history.  Whatever people do in the privacy of their own home is their business, not mine or anyone else’s.  But flaunting same sex should not be allowed in public and in front of our children like its normal.




Scarey.  Obama could actually win and this county would be totally down the shoot.  Romney is certainly not what I think this country needs, but he’s sure better than what we have.  My choice.  Trump for President so he can put China and others in their place with our trade deficit and put the USA back as a tough, respected country.  Right now nobody likes us or respects us and you can’t blame them.  Sarah Palin for VP so we have someone in the White House with a little sex appeal.  And Sheriff Joe Arpaio as Secretary of Homeland Security.  That one speaks for itself.


I was in Vegas a few weeks ago and went to the Old Homeland Steakhouse in Caesars Palace.  I love a good steak and frequent the best they have in Scottsdale.  In all my years, and that’s a lot of years, the steak I had at Homeland was the best I’ve ever had anywhere. So if you’re in Vegas, try Old Homeland. You’ll love it.

Be sure to comment on any of my articles and I’ll be sure to respond.  Like it or not!

Howard R. Baer

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