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July 29th, 8:20 pm

I had decided I wasn’t going to talk about this, because as we all know, I’m fairly short tempered and do not do or say things we would call “Politically Correct”. However, after listening to all sides, reports, etc., and seeing some of the idiotic comments by politicians, celebrities, and all the “goody two shoe” dumb asses out there, I decided to go with it. These people have nothing better to do with their lives then bitch about everything they can find to bitch about, so I decided I could not sit by and not say anything. Sorry, but this is a long one.
As always, I want to qualify myself. My first friend in life was a black kid that lived in the house behind me in Everett, Mass. I had a girlfriend when I was in the Army that was black. And as I have mentioned before, I’ve had a Puerto Rican wife, and I currently have a Korean wife. I have black guys, gay guys, Mexicans and who knows what else working for me. And they are all treated with the same respect. My good friend and partner’s wife is black and she’s absolutely gorgeous and awesome. I’m not prejudiced against anyone in any way and never have been.

As you know, unless you live in cocoon, Trayvon Martins parents and Al Sharpton have been out protesting the jury’s decision that acquitted George Zimmerman for shooting the black teenager while the kid was pounding Zimmermans head on the cement pavement. Who else was out protesting? A useless group of people that appear to have every day off from work to go out and call all whites and non blacks racists. If you asked half of them anything about the trial, they wouldn’t even know there was one. Zimmerman was “defending himself”. PERIOD! Get over it. What brought it all on, we’ll never know. What we know is the kid attacked Zimmerman and it ended up with the death of the kid. Was Trayvon Martin a good kid, or a bad kid? The press said good kid, but everything points to him having a troublesome history.

If Zimmerman had been convicted, there would be no protests for him. Maybe some sadness from those who thought he was innocent, but no Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson yelling about racial equality. Zimmerman is Hispanic, but the press called it a “black on white crime”.

How about that slime bag Al Sharpton. (Ever notice Sharptons profile? Looks just like Bozo the Clown.) Sharpton is the lowest form of life on earth. He hates, whites, hates blacks, hates Jews, and basically hates everyone unless he can pray on them, get press for himself and make money off of them. Ever wonder where Sharpton was when the black OJ Simpson killed two white people and got acquitted? Where were the protests? It’s simple, the victims were white, but the murderer was black. Whites cannot protest, even when a black guy kills two innocent white people and gets away with it. That would be racial, or the whites protesting against the blacks.

This past march, a black teenager, 17 year old De’Marquise Elkins brutally shot and killed a 13 month old white baby. The mother, who was there was quoted as saying, “A boy approached me and told me he wanted my money, and I told him I didn’t have any money. And he said, ‘Give me your money or I’m going to kill you and I’m going to shoot your baby and kill your baby,’ and I said, ‘I don’t have any money,’ and ‘Don’t kill my baby.’” The mother continued, “And then, all of a sudden, he walked over (to the stroller), and he shot my baby in the face.” This punk shot a 13 month old child that was totally defenseless. How many of you heard about it? How many of you care about it?

Three weeks ago a “white” Georgia man, Joshua Chellew, was pumping gas into his car. Four black teenagers walked over to him and started fighting him for no reason, other than he was white. They beat him unconscious and threw him into traffic where he was hit and killed by an oncoming car. Did you read about that in the headlines? Hell, no, he was white killed by blacks, nothing unusual about that.

Where are the headlines, where is Sharpton, where are the Martin Family, where are the protesters? It’s a white baby shot by a black kid. That’s ok? If that was a white kid shooting a black baby there would be riots all over the country. If a black guy was beat up and killed by 4 white teenagers, there would be riots all over the country with people wanting to hang them. It would cause world wide headlines. But did you hear about it? Probably not.
Sadly though, innocent blacks are victims of their own violence too. Take Chicago alone. For the 2003-2011 period, blacks were the victims of 75 percent of 4,265 murders in Chicago. Blacks also were the offenders in 75 percent of the murders. Sad, but true, but they are killing their own.

And last but not least, our famous celebrities that are boycotting Florida. Other than Justin Timberlake, I’m not at all surprised. All has beens and who gives a crap. But take a closer look. There are 32 states that’s have some kind of “Stand your Ground” laws on the books. Did Stevie Wonder, Madonna, Rod Steward, Kanye West, JZ, and some of the others boycott those states too? (Kanye West, another upstanding piece of trash. Florida should rejoice if he’s not going there anymore.) Virtually every European country has some kind of similar law as well as the Asian Countries. Did they boycott them? Of course not. They would have no place to make money. But we know this is about principals and nothing else, right? All of these individuals and groups have taken millions out of the US and out of Florida. Now they are boycotting because they don’t agree with our courts and jury?

And last but not least, we cannot leave out our President Obama. Yes, Obama could have been “ANY” of these teenage boys, but we didn’t hear him say that about the four teenage murderers, just about Trayvon. Not a word about the poor baby or the guy that got beaten to death. He gave a speech about Martin, and nothing about the others. But, they were white, so why should the black guy even notice?

There is no reason in the world for any kind of prejudice for skin color or ones beliefs. Under that color we are all alike. There is bad everywhere, in every race, color and creed and there are always those few that try to blame anyone and everyone for the few misfits. That is done mostly by those that do not have a life, are strictly followers, and that have nothing better to do. And by the Sharpton’s of the world, that for a little publicity, don’t mind causing racial disorder and violence.

As always, comments are appreciated.

Howard R. Baer, Editor


8 Responses to "FEATURED POST"

  • JimmyB

    I’ve been following you for a whil and you should be writing for a major news outlet, although most of them would not have the nerve to publish what you write. Keep it up, its great stuff.

  • Howard R. Baer

    I appreciate that. I tend to say it like I see it. I wrote for newspapers years ago as a free lance. I would not accept payment for the articles so I could write whatever I wanted and not get sensored. I loved it then and its still a lot of fun.

  • Vandy Pitcher

    great–looking news paper HOWARD…..very well done ! this should do very well ! have known HOWARD for about 10 yrs…..very smart and funny guy…..he works about 20 hrs a day……HOWARD is also a terrific businessman–money maker….he has made BIG $$$ for many of his friends…..mega talented

  • darla

    The Trayvon Martin Foundation was established by Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin in March, 2012 as a not-for-profit organization, You can buy t shirts and hoodies and anything else that will make them money. Their cash cow has come in.

  • Vicki Woltz

    Mr. Baer, I read your comments and on the surface, they make since. But what you fail to understand is the history that has caused the Al Sharptons, and others to boycott crimes against blacks by whites. I am not a Sharpton fan (btw I am black) … but I know that you are trying to put logic and fairness into a current world that doesn’t fit with first knowing the history that has caused these issues. Trust me, it is deep and will take reading biblical history, world history (not what is in the text books), and American black studies. There is more to the story that what you see from your current eyes. Space does not allow me to even begin, but I just wanted to share with you that the problems and unfairness you spoke of, goes beyond the Zimmerman trial and black teenagers killing a white baby but no one protesting that heinous crime. If you really feel strongly about this, study it. Sincerely.

  • Howard R. Baer

    I try to be fair as I can and look at all sides. This world of ours today is quite different than when I grew up. Our house and car doors were not locked. We could walk anyplace without worrying, and as kids we were interested in how good a player a kid was when we played stick ball in the street, not what color they were. We worked and played together without a problem. Minorities, no matter what color or race they are, stand out because there are fewer of them and more noticable when they commit a crime. Its not necessarily that they commit more, its simply that the stand out more. Someday in the distant future, we’ll all be one, and then there will be peace.
    I appreciate your comments. They were thoughtful and they are well taken.
    Thank you,
    HR Baer

  • Bruce Peterson

    While I cannot understand, or so you tell me, vicki, by your same reasoning you cannot understand anyone else’s experience. Can you understand some of my exeriences with black people. Growing up in Chicago I was terrified of blacks as many of my friends and myself had been hassled and beaten by them. I am no longer there and have had since then had many black friends and co workers. I have chosen not to let the past dictate the present or the future. You cannot keep using the past to dictate the future. Otherwise we will continue to kill each other. By the way, if I can ask,why does the black community calla Hispanic \white man white but call a black\white man black?

  • Oriol

    in life or death things like eemolympnt and wealth, education, health care, police brutality, and presumption of guilta0is built upon the very White Supremacy that Page sang about in his music. a0Just because that

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